A First Timers Guide To Kensington Palace & Kensington Palace Gardens

A First Timers Guide To Kensington Palace & Kensington Palace Gardens

London is well known for its beautiful castles and royal palaces. The city has a long history of feudalism that though has receded into national symbolism, still plays a large part in England’s image from abroad. Guests of accommodation near Hyde Park London are well placed to see one of the most famous of these – Buckingham Palace – but other palaces are there for the touring and awe-inspiring too. 

One of these is Kensington Palace, the home of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate. Unsurprisingly, the famous manor house has, over the years, led to many other notable and high class properties being developed or established in the area. We’re talking about Kensington Palace Gardens, one of the most expensive streets in London – and that’s saying something. With an average property price on this street of £29.9 million as of 2021, Kensington Palace Gardens may be out of a standard customer of breakfasts in Hyde Park’s price range, but it’s well worth a walk down to enjoy the magnificence. 

Below you’ll find an outline of just some of the street’s grandest homes. 

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

This beautiful townhouse royal links date back to the 17th century and though wings of this beautiful manor are closed off to the public (rightly so, the Duke and Duchess need their privacy!) the State Rooms are now open to the public. Guests of hotels near Bond Street can enjoy tours and exhibits around the open areas of the manor. These include displays of the clothing of Princes Diana and Queen Elizabeth, as well as antique furniture, Royal Collection artworks and royal gowns worn by former monarchs.

The Russian Embassy

The white stucco townhouse located at 5 to 7 Kensington Gardens is the home of the Russian Embassy in London. This beautiful building may only be open to the public by appointment but its proud exterior has been used by the Russian nation since 1929.

The Slovakian Embassy 

With its contrasting style to many of the other more Georgian or Edwardian style houses on the street, the Slovakian embassy stands out due to its sleek 70s styling. With its Brutalist facade, the spacious embassy is located at 25 Kensington Palace Gardens and is again closed to the public without invitation.

Tamara Ecclestone’s House

Kensington Gardens is not just home to embassies though. Tamara Ecclestone is best known for being a model and socialite, daughter of the former executive of Formula One racing group. Tamara Ecclestone’s lavish home is located at 8 Kensington Gardens and has 57 bedrooms as well as a golden, freestanding bathtub and a room solely for designer handbags. 

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Roman Abramovich’s House

Though he may very well soon be moving out due to the sanctions against him triggered by the war in Ukraine, Roman Abramovich’s House at 17 Kensington Gardens was redeveloped by the former Chelsea FC owner to include a skylit swimming pool and an underground labyrinth which added 4000 extra square feet to the already 15 bedroom townhouse. Quite the undertaking, and a marvel to behold for guests of boutique hotels near Hyde Park who may wish to pass by.