Explore the unique and unusual museums of London

Explore the unique and unusual museums of London

What makes London different from other cities of the world is the unique mix of its cultures and vibes. Every zone, borough and in fact every alley In London can give a different vibe. This is what makes everyone fall in love with this city, it offers a vibe for everyone and anyone. 

To explore the best attractions and experiences in London you must book your stay in a hotel in Hyde Park. The central location of the hotel will help access your places of interest by walking or simply a short walk away from a tube station, or bus stop. From here, you will also have easy access to a number of restaurants in Hyde Park offering a variety of cuisines and delicacies. 

Like its unique and unusual vibe, London is home to many museums which are offbeat and something that you must have not seen or heard of. If you are someone looking for something quirky and weird to do then this list of museums is for you. 

The Cartoon Museum

Yes, believe it or not, London has a museum dedicated to the most iconic cartoons from over the years. Owned and operated by the Cartoon Art Trust, this place displays British cartoons, caricatures and comic strips. Located in the heart of the city at Wells Street, it is only a short walk away from the hotels at Oxford Street, London. It hosts a few wonderful and intriguing cartoon centric exhibitions too. If you are a lover of cartoons or something quirky, then this is the place for you. 

Museum of the Home

Next up on our weird and unusual list of museums is the Museum of the Home. Famous for its galleries displaying the home and households set-up in Britain from the 1600s to present day, this place is beautifully captivating. Mostly the entrance to the museum is free but booking time-slot is suggested to avoid disappointment. The most popular is the ‘Rooms through time’ exhibit along with some newly refurbished galleries that reveal and rethink the ways we live in. If the life of Brits today and over the years excites you then this is a must-visit. 

The Fan Museum

Adding to the oddities of London, is its unique The Fan Museum. It is the world’s first museum dedicated to preserving the facts and displays of a hand fan. In its display, this place houses the oldests fan from the 11th century in its massive collection of over 5, 000 fans. Here you can learn about the origin of the fans along with its manufacturing process over the years and the materials used to make it. Want to try something creative, you could attend one of the fan making workshops here. It’s a beautiful location near the stunning Greenwich Park, which makes it a must-visit. 

Old Operating Theatre & The Herb Garret Museum

For the followers of science and medicine explorers, this unique museum is a gem. Easily accessible from a Hyde Park accommodation, this place is home to the surgical history of London. Here you can see and explore the oldest operating theatre, built in the 1800s for underprivileged women. From old instruments, surgical equipment and pathological specimens, this place is as weird as it gets. For a totally whacky and yet wonderful experience, this museum near London Bridge should not be missed.