Best Independent Shops in London

Best Independent Shops in London

Regarded as one of the greatest capital cities in the world, London attracts some of the biggest names across the fashion, entertainment, and business industries. From global chains like H&M and Nike to famous London retailers like Harrods and Selfridges, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping, but about if you want something unique? 

Part of the beauty of London lies in its melting pot of different cultures and approaches to life, many of which are personified in a vast array of independent shops and boutiques. If you’re staying at the Park Avenue J Hotel Hyde Park and want to explore the lesser-known underbelly of the city shopping scene, here are some of the best independent shops you need to visit.

The Cross, Holland Park 

In recent years, lifestyle boutiques have become all the rage, and The Cross can confidently say it helped to pave the way for such businesses in London. Within the upmarket Holland Park walls you’ll find a selection of eclectic goods, including women’s clothes, homeware, and general gifts. There are also lots of unique toys for small hands, making this a go-to shop if you have children or little loved ones back home!

Luna & Curious, Shoreditch 

Shoreditch is widely regarded as the cool suburb of London, and Luna & Curious perfectly encapsulates this. Inside this emporium of wonders, you’ll find every type of gift possible, including children’s toys, minimalistic jewellery, and handmade mugs perfect for enjoying a traditional English afternoon tea out of!

The Old Cinema, Chiswick 

Just a short distance from the Park Avenue J Hotel is The Old Cinema in Chiswick. Though the name may lead you to expect an old picture house, it’s actually a family-run department store and is widely considered London’s only retro version of such. Inside you’ll find an abundance of vintage treasures, as well as a bespoke furniture workshop.

D. R. Harris, St James’s 

From retro homeware and furniture to original apothecary, D.R. Harris in St James’s has been renowned for its colognes and perfumes since it first opened in 1790. Since then, the Harris family has continued to run the shop from its original location and still stocks a broad range of scents, including skincare and soaps. It also holds two royal warrants, so why not treat yourself like the royals do?

Persephone Books, Bloomsbury 

Persephone Books is unlike any other bookshop in London or even the world. The shop is completely grey and the books seem the same, until you open them up and see the fabric covers that have been designed to match the time the books were written. 

Unlike most bookstores that stock the next bestseller, Persephone Books stocks books from primarily female authors in the 20th century, with a focus on texts that have been forgotten over time. If you’re looking for a truly unique souvenir to take back to your room at the Park Avenue J Hotel Hyde Park, this is the place to go. 

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If you’re staying in accommodation near Hyde Park and want to explore the unique side of the London shopping scene, the above boutiques are a great place to start and showcase the very best made in Britain!