Palace perfection: all you need to know about visiting Buckingham Palace

Palace perfection all you need to know about visiting Buckingham Palace

Did you know that Buckingham Palace, despite being the official residence of the UK’s monarch, wasn’t built as a royal palace? Well, if you book a visit to this most grand of London attractions, you’ll learn many more such fascinating facts about the Windsors and this glorious grey-brick building of enormous renown.

Built towards the end of the Georgian era and first occupied by a monarch in the year 1837, Buckingham Palace opened its doors to the public for the first time only a few years ago; quickly becoming one of London’s most popular attractions.

So, if you’re planning a city-break in the capital for next year – staying at the likes of J Park hotel – what should you know before booking a visit to the Palace…?

When can you visit Buckingham Palace?

A visit to Buckingham Palace allows members of the public to experience and look around its gloriously elegant State Rooms, as well as the renowned Palace Gardens (where Royal garden parties are held in the warm months of the year). Without doubt, a wonderful way to fill a day of your London stay at accommodation near Hyde Park London.

Obviously, for security reasons, these visits are totally guided – and somewhat limited – Buckingham Palace is the working HQ and chief residence of the reigning monarch, after all.

Visiting-wise, then, it’s important to note that:

  • The summer season, during which King Charles III is expected to be absent from the Palace and so it’s mainly open to paid visitors, runs from late July to very early October 2023
  • Guided tours of the Garden can be booked for early March through to very early May 2023, while guided tours of the State Rooms can be booked for late March to late April 24 (only a few dates for public visiting are usually available in winter and spring months)
  • In the summer, from July to August, the Palace opens at 9:30 am and closes at 7.30 pm (however, your booking will be time-limited, in any case)
  • Between September and October, the Palace opens at 9.30 am and the closes at 6.30 pm (again, your booking will be time-limited, of course)
  • It’s worth noting and remembering, too, that the State Rooms are closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

How to book tickets for Buckingham Palace

If you really want to visit the Palace’s State Rooms (and, frankly, why wouldn’t you?), then your best bet is to book a combined Royal Day Out ticket. This should give you admission to the Queen’s Gallery and the Royal Mews, in addition to the State Rooms.

Ticket prices vary – and, throughout next year, may not remain exactly the same as their current price; just as with booking prices for boutique hotels Hyde Park. Yet, tickets for young people – those aged between 18 and 24 – and obviously tickets for children are cheaper than those for ‘regular’ adults. Savins on ticket prices can be made for families, too – specifically, for two adults and four children.

It’s critical to point out that you *must* book tickets for Buckingham Palace in advance and that, once available, tickets *always* sell out pretty quickly. Tickets, too, are only available via the Palace’s official website.

What can you see at Buckingham Palace?

So, say, you’ve just enjoyed a breakfast Hyde Park at your accommodation and are about to depart for your day-out at the Palace, just what highlights can you look forward to experiencing…?

  • The Changing of the Guard – daily military guard ceremony that takes place outside
  • The Palace Garden – the beautiful gardens that stand behind the Palace
  • The Ballroom – the biggest and possibly the grandest room in the entire Palace
  • The Diamond Jubilee State Coach – the monarch’s grandiose, gilded coach that is used on major state occasions, especially for their coronation.