Unusual London Attractions you Probably Haven’t Tried

Unusual London Attractions you Probably Haven’t Tried

With so many experiences and attractions drawing tourists towards the most obvious hotspots in and around the centre of London on a daily basis, it’s very easy to get caught up in those stopping points within walking distance of your Hyde Park hotel and forget to look further afield.

The truth is, however, that while London is very much centred around its tourist trade and the royal family, there are many experiences and attractions that are less famous and thus far less likely to be at the top of your to-do list.

In this article, we’re sharing a handful of the most innovative and exciting attractions around London that you should add to your itinerary – all within close proximity to the Park Avenue J Hotel London.

Ballie Ballerson

Adult-sized ball pits meet cocktails meet neon lights and bottomless brunches, at Ballie Ballerson. A popular place with groups of friends, hen do’s, and those seeking a different and memorable experience.

Dickens Inn and St Katherine’s Dock

This is the kind of London location which genuinely feels like you’ve stepped away from the city centre and into somewhere much more tranquil, perhaps with a sea breeze or countryside surrounding. St Katherine’s Dock is located just off of Tower Bridge and a few minutes from the Tower of London, which makes its peaceful setting and lesser-known status as a secret London attraction all the more impressive. However, once you know it’s there, you’ll never want to go anywhere else for a quiet drink overlooking the water and incredible yachts which call the docks home.

The Dicken’s Inn offers a dining and drinking experience in its multi-storey structure, with a pub on one floor, a grill on the next, and outdoor tables across the terrace and balconies. Perfect for a drink after a wander around the Tower of London.

What’s on show at the Hard Rock Café

This may not exactly be one of London’s most unusual or lesser known attractions – after all, the Hard Rock Café is one of the most popular tourist dining spots in the whole city, serving breakfast near Hyde Park and dinner which is suitable for the whole family.

But have you ever taken the time to look at the various rock and roll memorabilia that lines the walls and fills the basement underneath the main floor of the restaurant? The basement museum is where all the best stories lie, with tours available completely free of charge – best paired with a burger and chips right after in the restaurant above.


Most people don’t think too much about London’s graveyards, however there is a beauty to them which stretches beyond the rows of old and new gravestones sat side by side. With graveyards located closed to the central hotels in London near Hyde Park than most people realise, taking the time to wander around these sites offers unique access to exquisite old London architecture – for example in Peckham’s Nunhead Cemetery which is gothic to its very core.