All you need to know about the Tower of London

All you need to know about the Tower of London

London is home to many gorgeous and splendid monuments and buildings that gloriously beautify the heart of the city. One of them and probably the most popular one is the legendary Tower of London. For many countless years it has been a favourite attraction amongst the tourists and visitors. Tower of London’s great history,  architecture, the royal stories and the magnificence makes it a gem of a monument. 

If you are visiting London, you surely can not leave the city without exploring the famous Tower of London. Not so far from the boutique hotels near Hyde Park, it is easily accessible via the London underground, buses or even on foot if you are staying at a centrally located hotel. When exploring a city, you must choose a comfortable and convenient accommodation where you can come and relax.

The Tower of London officially known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London is a massive castle located on the banks of River Thames, in the London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets. Almost a thousand years old, it was originally designed by William the conqueror. 

Over these thousands of years the Tower has been used for different purposes in every era. It has an infamous reputation of being used as torture Chamber and a state prison. Before it turned into a state prison it was a zoo, where exotic animals from all over the world were kept. Some famous people from the history of United Kingdom were executed, tortured or held captive here. For years it was used to guard the country’s Mint. Tourists from all over the world travel here to see the display of royal jewels, crown and the royal armour.  Apart from the bearded Yeoman Warders, also called “Beefeaters,” guarding the Tower, it has also been guarded by the ravens since the era of Charles II, who believed if the ravens left then it would lead to the fall of the Tower and the kingdom. 

The beautiful sight of the Tower of London can be seen from many hotels in the bayswater area. You can simply walk to the Tower from these ideally located hotels, offering high-end amenities and facilities. The convenient accommodation options in the area offer spacious rooms for families or single rooms in the Hyde park area for people travelling for work. 

The Tower of London is enriched with history and things to see in this secure fortress that might take most of your day. So plan your experience well and start your day with a hearty breakfast at one of Hyde Park‘s many popular restaurants or cafes. 

You can purchase the tickets online or at the gate. The closest station to the Tower of London is the Tower Hill station on the Circle and District Line. 

Enjoy exploring the history of London, the kings and queens, the use of this iconic castle over the years and get enriched by visiting this World Heritage Site. You will surely take back great pictures and gather some unknown and secret facts about the Tower of London.